Project Management

Our Story

Weaving many strands together into a stronger whole

More than two decades ago, large corporations with complex challenges began looking to us to provide a unique combination of services that didn’t exist anywhere else. Along the way, we’ve developed a reputation for being passionate problem solvers and program builders. Because we work across multiple brands, we’re able to focus on customers with all the flexibility to deliver the right solution for every single challenge.

From small startups to global corporations, we’ve become a project management service that stands out from the rest with a humble approach delivered by experts who love doing what it takes to make incredible projects come to life. In short, we’re the hustle behind real estate that works.

Our core principles

All decisions and actions are evaluated with customer bias in mind and we strive to provide a perfect experience every time.

It’s our job to figure out the hard stuff. We don’t provide gloss answers—we dive deep to solve problems.

We behave, work, and make decisions as if the project was for ourselves. We don’t push paper or point fingers—we own it.

Drawing from people with broad experiences and backgrounds, we provide a well-rounded, and personal experience for our customers.

We don’t assume that we understand the problem or know the answer. We approachevery project with a curious, open mind.

We strive to be the very best at everything we do and constantly add to our knowledge and systems.

Arrogance is not our style. We establish influence and authority through performance and collegial behavior.

Customer Obsession
Attention to Detail
Ownership Mentality

Incredible projects start with really great people

From late-breaking changes to last-minute meetings, our team runs on making things happen. No matter the challenge, we never lose sight of what our work is all about: bringing your vision to life.

Scott Davis


Cheryl Jensen

Vice President

Matthew Runde

Director of Analytics

Troy Powers

Program Manager

Brady Daun

Construction Project Manager

Everything you need for anything you want

As part of the One Workplace family of brands, we provide all the speed, scale, and expertise you’ll ever need to navigate any challenge – and create any space you want.

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