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FF&E Guidelines & Tools

Companies deploying furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) need a uniform result that conforms to price caps, aligns with brand guidelines, and meets functional or aesthetic requirements. Too often, however, the end build does not match expectations for the space.

Avoid these common pitfalls of FF&E procurement:

  • Non-existent, incomplete, or inaccessible standards
  • Insufficient documentation or ineffective channels of communication
  • Varied interpretation of guidelines within extended teams
  • Lack of any mechanism to review and adjust FF&E standards ”before it’s too late”
  • Insufficient staffing to document and enforce standards, or to govern the design and build process
  • Inconsistent employee and brand experiences that vary from location to location
  • Cost overruns as designers or dealers diverge from prescribed vendors and standards
  • Inability to achieve sustainability and healthy building goals or other priorities

Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • Proven FF&E expertise helping real estate and design teams gather, refine, and document their standards programs
  • Resources to augment your staff with designers specifically trained in standards development and management
  • Ready-to-go documentation or room data sheets, piece / equipment descriptions, and detailed specifications
  • Powerful web-based tools to help extended teams—including designers and GCs—understand and follow guidelines for each area or room type
  • An intuitive user experience that ensures appropriate selection and specification of each piece, and provides ready documentation for submittal, ordering, and installation

Digital Tools for Designers and Specifiers

Everything you need to ensure furniture, fixtures, and equipment procurement complies with your standards, guidelines, and preferences.

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