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Real Estate Analytics

We’re experts at developing sophisticated analytical services to address the needs of real estate departments and workplace managers. From metric development and programming to data mining, warehousing, and visualization, we turn disparate data into actionable knowledge about which spaces and assets to invest in for the future

Our Expertise Includes

Metric Development

Helping clients define the quantitative indicators of success for their business and workplace.

Data Sources Development

Mapping existing systems and processes that produce data.

Process Development & Data Collection

Enhancing/building processes with data collection in mind.

Data Integration Programming

Bringing multiple sources of data together into a common data reservoir.

Dashboard Development

Providing real time data visualization with drill down capabilities.

Turning Analytics into Action

Helping find answers to specific questions to drive informed decisions.

We compile and integrate your big data...

  • People & teams
  • Assets & amenities
  • Buildings, floors, spaces
  • Energy & water usage
  • Maintenance logs
  • TI projects
  • Vendor reporting
  • Badge/access data
  • Air flow
  • Light & space sensors
  • Trouble, FM, MAC tickets
  • Maintenance logs
  • Costs/budgets
  • …and more!

…to answer your big questions

  • Which spaces are used a lot or a little?
  • Are there hourly/daily/seasonal patterns?
  • What are my costs by sq/ft; request?
  • What assets are needed? (AV? Furniture type? Power?)
  • Who are the key users? (Engineers? Designers? Admin?)
  • Where do I spend the most? On what?

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