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Real Estate Project Management in Seattle

How can we help you succeed?

All our services center around people and vision, not just square feet. That means asking questions, offering opinions, and working collaboratively to make things happen. Whether you require specialized expertise for a specific project or need a partner who can handle all your real estate programs, our Integrated Project Delivery means there’s just one PO to process, just one organization to contact, and a single point of ownership and accountability from start to finish.

Manage Your Space

Moves, Adds, & Changes (MAC)

Splice crafts efficient MAC and post-occupancy programs using our easily adaptable processes and tools to suit your requirements—regardless of product or location. More >

Facilities Management

As your liaison for all physical building components, we are accountable and responsible for keeping your facility safe, up to code, and operational. More >

Real Estate Analytics

From metric development and programming to data mining, warehousing, and visualization, we turn disparate data into actionable knowledge about which spaces and assets to invest in for the future. More >

Occupancy Planning

Where a test fit will literally test to see if your needs can be met within a space, an occupancy plan will elaborate on the look and feel of your space while taking your design parameters and project goals into account. Our process accommodates for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E), efficiency, interior details and materials, alongside workflows, image and atmosphere.

Storage & Asset Management

We work with you to establish min-max levels for storing your assets while directing vendors or managing a centralized storage facility. We can also establish asset valuation criteria and lifecycle guidelines – and support itemization of assets on-site. We can also provide the electronic database to record assets, provide an on-line mechanism to view available items, and bar code items for faster and more accurate inventorying and deployment.

On-site Labor Resources

Whether you’re moving, expanding, or changing to accommodate new capabilities, our on-site labor services deliver the muscle and expertise to make sure it’s done efficiently and safely, while meeting all of your requirements.

Transition Your Space

Transition/Move Management

Splice will develop a comprehensive relocation plan to execute your transition in the most cost-effective and efficient fashion. More >

Workspace Decommissioning

Our expert logistics team will coordinate all phases of facility decommissioning and restore your space to meet end-of-lease requirements, saving you time and money. More >

Change Management

Splice provides hands-on, outcomes-focused services to help you build a plan, engage employees, and successfully navigate change. More >

Build Your Space

Construction Project Management

As an extension of your organization, we’re responsible for ensuring every phase of the construction process is efficiently managed—from feasibility study and pre-design through construction and closeout. More >

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment

We’re your single point of contact for full-service furniture and equipment planning and procurement—from concept planning through move logistics and installation. More >

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