The Shop by Porter

Splice Services Provided

  • Workplace Management

“I cannot imagine how we would have gotten this done without Splice.”

— Kyle Haakenson Founder, Porter

The Shop is a highly innovative hybrid retail, cafe, design and work space in the 2 & U building in Downtown Seattle.

The creative design was the vision of the customer, Kyle Haakenson of Porter, and the architecture firm of Graham Babba.

The project was a gray wall tenant improvement, meaning the project began with a completely undeveloped space in a brand new building.

The Splice Construction Project Manager managed the overall budget and schedule of the project and represented the owner in navigating budget, logistical, and inspection issues. Creative, collaborative problem solving with the architect and the general contractor (MRJ Construction) was necessary to achieve project budget and timeline.

Specific scope included:

  • Identifying high cost items / options so the client could make fully informed choices.
  • Navigating a complex permitting and inspection process during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Collaborative problem solving with the architect and contractor to deal with budget and inspection surprises.
  • Bringing ideas to the table to save money and time for the client.
  • Managing all vendors not under the general contractor.
  • Navigating issues with the landlord.
  • Ensuring customer received all appropriate allowances.

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