Prometheus Real Estate Group

Splice Services Provided

  • Decommissioning

The project involved developing a decommissioning roadmap for the project site (over 15,000 SF). Splice collaborated with Prometheus to create a separate work scope that defined what was required for the decommissioning process. This included a comprehensive schedule and site-specific information, such as identifying low- or high-voltage contractors for pulling data cables or making safe workstations for the contractor to remove.

Project Details

Splice managed the decommissioning process of the vacated spaces, which included all aspects of returning a space to the conditions agreed upon in the client’s lease. We collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and then identified and coordinated the necessary resources to fulfill them. These requirements included:

  • Removing all furniture and fixtures.
  • Removing signage.
  • Removing all data cabling throughout the space.
  • Removing trash and debris.
  • Cleaning out supply closets and storage rooms.
  • Replacing all workstation power whips with building standard outlets at the wall.
  • Removing all server and data racks in all the IT closets.
  • Replacing ceiling tiles that were damaged or cut for workstation power poles.
  • Removing all markerboards, bulletin boards, and whiteboards.
  • Removing all interior non-building standard blinds.
  • Patching walls to level 2 paint-ready condition.
  • Broom-cleaning spaces after the decommissioning was completed.

Splice developed and wrote the decommissioning request for proposal (RFP), which stated the contractor expectations and addressed the issues specific to the facility. Once we developed the decommissioning scope and produced the decommissioning RFP, we solicited the RFP on behalf of Prometheus. Splice then received, reviewed, and provided an analysis and recommendation.

After the award of the contract, Splice worked with the decommissioning contractor to verify, schedule, and manage all other logistical arrangements to complete the decommissioning on time. Before the turnover of the decommissioned space, Splice walked the site with the landlord and created a decommission punch list, then oversaw punch-list completion. Finally, Splice walked the space again with the landlord and received a sign-off for space turnover.

Project Results

  • We removed and recycled 200 workstations.
  • We removed and recycled over 100 miles of data cable.
  • We repurposed 200 task chairs. Some of them were reused in the new space while others were given away to the employees.
  • We either recycled or donated 20 large moving trucks worth of office supplies, kitchen equipment, and utensils.
  • We helped Prometheus with their Grate Giveaway program for employees by providing them with computer monitors, task chairs, soft seating, and other office furniture or supplies that would have ended up in the landfill.

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