Splice Services Provided

  • Transition & Move Management
  • Workplace Management

Personalis develops advanced genomics tests to provide greater confidence and better outcomes for cancer patients. When they relocated from a 30,000 SF location in Menlo Park, CA, to a newly built 100,000 SF location in the East Bay, Personalis engaged Splice to manage the workplace transition, including all of their specialized lab equipment.

Phase 1 entailed moving their R&D labs, support, and administrative personal. The lease on the old space was ending on January 1, so this phase had a hard deadline of November 30 so decommissioning could be completed before December 31. Despite construction delays, Phase 1 was completed on schedule as planned.

Prior to Phase 2—relocating the rest of the Personalis labs to the new space—two major construction issues were identified. First the main electrical switch failed and could not be replaced by the local power company for 20 weeks. Then several leaks were discovered in the roof of the building that required repair.

Despite these construction issues causing significant delays, Splice was able quickly restart Phase 2 in May and complete the move before the end of the summer.

Project Deliverables

  • Roles and Responsibilities matrix
  • Meeting schedule
  • Meeting minutes
  • Relocation manual
  • Staff relocation handbooks
  • Master relocation schedule
  • Technology plan
  • Move matrix (from/to plan)
  • Safety plan
  • Contingency plan
  • Relocation budget
  • Bench layouts
  • Move contractor RFP
  • Move notices
  • Owner Furnished/Owner Installed equipment management (FF&E)
  • Move contractor management
  • Command center (go live)
  • Post-move activities
  • Decommissioning management

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