Confidential Retail Client

Splice Services Provided

  • Workplace Management

The Splice team assisted in the support of remodeling this national coffee retailer’s corporate headquarters. Splice was asked to assist in sourcing labor to remove and photo catalog all items on walls in preparation for painting. These items included precious art and artifacts, as well as whiteboards, glass markerboards, custom coat hooks, built-in fixtures, signage, and cardboard display boards throughout the building. All these items required storage, transportation, and an inventory set up in two different cages within the building., which is roughly 1,800,000 square feet and 9 stories tall.

Our initial scope of work focused primarily on circulation and corridor areas. That changed as specialized areas like construction zones in different parts of the building required immediate removal of artwork or wall items. Our two-person teams increased in size at times when removing large pieces of signage or artwork that required three laborers.

The team was also asked to receive and inventory inbound items from other locations, including murals from retail stores as well as miscellaneous groups of artwork in the building.

Project Highlights

  • Other added services were dispose of unwanted artwork and pull artwork to donate to a fundraising sale organized by the events team to sell goods to their employees.
  • There was a design area in which the crew had removed all artwork pieces per our scope and schedule. After this work was complete, the client advised us that they wanted to keep the area as is. The team did a great job of rehanging all the artwork into place like nothing ever happened.
  • Due to the historical nature of some artwork, the client chose to have a small internal group remove some sections for inventory outside our cages. We worked with this internal group to remove, inventory, and place these items in a secure and separate storage room.
  • Some artwork was challenging to remove, but the crew did a great job of finding the right tools to get the job done.

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