Confidential Fortune 10 Client

Splice Services Provided

  • Furniture & Equipment Planning
  • Furniture Installation

The first stage of this three-phase Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment project in Bellevue, WA, encompassed 20 floors. Spaces included a mix of work areas and amenities such as a marketplace, outdoor terraces, a diner, yoga room, and more.

Team suites were an important consideration, and were designed to include reservable spaces for collaboration, flexible work zones, access to whiteboarding, heads-down work and meeting spaces, and adjacent amenity spaces. The overall concept was to explore, collaborate, focus, nourish and gather.

Throughout the project, Splice prioritized the client’s goals that included:

  • Giving employees greater choice for where, when and how to do focused work
  • Ensuring that meeting spaces are readily available, right-sized and acoustically private
  • Using technology to better support meeting and collaboration equity
  • Catering to a variety of customer needs through diverse, welcoming spaces
  • Creating opportunities to refresh and rejuvenate in an inspirational and invigorating work environment

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