Confidential E-Commerce & Cloud Computing Client

Splice Services Provided

  • Workplace Management

Splice has provided a wide range of workplace management services under NDA to this large digital commerce and cloud computing company since 2012. Key areas include:

  • User requested customer service
  • Individual and small team move planning
  • New employee onboarding
  • Design test fits for reconfiguration and occupancy planning
  • As-built maintenance in support of signage and CFAM systems, warehouse management, asset life cycle tracking, workplace analytics, and other programs.

In addition to managing these services, Splice provides fully integrated labor resources for all areas above, as well as workplace equipment audits, IT vending machine stocking, new construction furniture installation, and miscellaneous projects as needed. Splice labor teams support mobile snack carts, events, and maintaining on-site equipment reference binders, among many other odds and ends.

Splice also procures products on behalf of the customer, as directed by architect specifications and the client’s workplace furniture and equipment standards. Splice does this for new construction projects, post occupancy projects, and for on-hand inventories.

Splice provides these services for all the client’s locations throughout North America, encompassing twenty-three markets and hundreds of specific building sites.

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