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  • Transition & Move Management

A month and a half after the client moved into their remodeled headquarters, the nearby temporary office lease was ending. As project operations commenced, Splice had less than a month to fully decommission the temp space.

We began by cataloging and tagging furniture in the 17,000 square foot building for reuse or recycling. Movers were contracted to remove all items out of the building over the course of three and a half weeks.

70% of the furniture was identified for use in a planned 15,000 SF overflow building, and was taken offsite for storage during construction. Another 10% was moved into the new headquarters for immediate use or onsite storage. The remaining 10% was targeted for donation and bundled with additional unwanted furniture for future donation/recycling.

Splice brought in additional vendors and managed them in partnership with the construction contractor. This included electricians to remove the low voltage cabling that was run to 80 cubes, 10 offices and 4 conference rooms as well as badged security system to 4 entry points. After all furniture and cabling was removed, painters were brought in to patch all holes in the walls.

Project Highlights

  • From the start of planning, Splice had just five weeks for the entire move out.
  • All labor and punch walkers were completed two business days before the end of the lease.
  • On the last day of the month, the landlord conducted a walkthrough and concluded that all requirements of the lease had been met and no additional charges would be incurred.

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