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Change Management

In partnership with One Workplace +One group, Splice provides hands-on, outcomes-focused services to help you build a plan, engage employees, and successfully navigate change.

Why Splice is the right choice for managing organizational change

Real-world Experience

Workshops led by seasoned executives who have themselves navigated change.

Broad Industry Expertise

We’ve helped companies and teams across a wide range of sectors including Commercial, Healthcare, Education, and Nonprofit.

Flexible, Tailored Delivery

We get to know your business and your organization, then design a custom change management program for you.


After the workshops, our team of experts is there to help put your change management strategy into action.

Workshops include

  • Connecting mission, business, and culture
  • Defining cultural direction for the future
  • Leadership role in change
  • The science of change management
  • Critical success factors
  • Crafting a clear and hopeful change statement
  • Defining the key messages for the organization
  • Defining the parameters of change
  • Identifying and managing resistance
  • Connecting the social, technical and logistical barriers to change
  • Developing workstreams
  • Support and facilitation for workstream groups

Let’s connect

We’d love to discuss how Splice can help you build a plan, engage employees, and navigate change.